Sunday, December 20, 2009

One Year Ago Today

Well it was a year ago today that I started writing this blog. I had no idea where it would take me but it was an interesting trip. In a sense it is a chronicle of the current Administration and it meanderings about the fields of our society. It has focused o health care and economics, broadband and foreign affairs, and a few general comments and observations.

A year ago we were in a mess. Today it is just messy but getting worse. A set of contradictions. So what will the next year bring? Always a good question. We just finished the Copenhagen meeting. I remember Copenhagen well since when I lived in Prague and commuted to New Jersey I almost always took the last flight from Europe to NJ via Copenhagen. I have a fondness for the airport and an amazement for the volumes of liquor consumed by the Scandinavians on that flight. But I digress, for as I sit in my globally warmed home at 20 F and with 18" of snow to clear in the next few hours, I always wonder.

As to the economy, I wonder how this economy will ever recover with the wild people driving it into long term debt. My poor grandchildren! Perhaps they may read through this in the future and see that a few were concerned for them.

As for health care, it appears as if they will pass something, yet something which we have been arguing all year has many fatal flaws. Politics is a mess. So too is health care today. But you cannot expect one mess to fix another, can you?

So we begin the second year. Where will we go this time? Stay on for the ride to the many thousands who have tuned in over time.