Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Simple Demographic Analysis

As we look at the new Senate Bill we see several interesting trends:

1. Medicare stay the same for those over 65 yet the payments are reduced 15-20% making it begin to look like Medicaid.

2. Medicaid is expanded to a greater percent of the population.

3. The CHIP program covers more children in a Government Plan

4. Medicare is expanded to 55-64 year old group who have not paid in fully and will live more years.

The results is in the charts below:

The net result is that just slightly more than 15% of the population is not covered by a Government Plan! We show this below.

Does anyone see what has happened. If this Bill passes as structured it is one giant step to a nationalized health care plan. Who need a public option. The only ones getting health care outside the Government are those in the middle ground and the companies providing it will soon withdraw it and force the remaining 17% into some Government Plan.

This will become the National Health Service of the UK, or worse. Would some one please show these numbers!