Monday, January 25, 2010

Microsoft and the Registry

Just a note for readers, I decided to get a new laptop, old one had no disk space left, it was seven years old, so i got a great Dell and like any techy decided I would get Windows 7, the 64 bit version.

Well, you all can guess the ending. I installed a bluetooth mouse, and then decided to download and install the update drivers. Yes, then all hell broke out. The download wiped out the Registry!

For those of you who do not know a Registry it is akin to the limbic system of the brain, that internal element which interconnects stuff and gets us frazzeled under stress. It imprints lasting memories on us so that we never do anything again like what we had just experienced. The limbic system imprints such things as never again to touch a hot stove, lick a frozen pipe under a dare in norther New Hampshire, or the like.

Thus from 8 PM till well past midnight I was in the hands of some well intentioned Dell techys in Mumbai who took control of my life, and I watched as they tried to determine what happened. Now I know a bit about the Registry, I know more about the limbic system, but alas I could not figure out what had been done. They then asked me to push a button which I never saw and there it was, it worked again.

I have been cleaning up that mess ever since. This is why I measure my life in MegaGates, units of human lives wasted on Microsoft induced disasters. Some of you may have sympathy, but alas, there are those techys who will tell me that have no trouble with the Registry, there will be Apple users who say why do you deal with a Registry, there will be the Luddites who say just buy another one and never touch them, and I am left in this never world of asking why!