Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cute, But Perhaps They Could Become Productive

In today's blog by the famous Harvard Prof there is a You Tube pitch which is cute, very cute. You see I watched it because yesterday I had two dental implants inserted along with some rather difficult dental surgery and I am trying to keep off the hydrocodone, despite the pulsating throbs, I guess it is a Catholic response to past sins, pain is good, so to add to the discomfort I watched to whole video, yes the whole video.

Alas, the poor Harvard students are at a loss, but if they had studied Engineering and had done so say down the street, then there would have been a great surplus of let us say Problem Sets, real work, designing things which in and of themselves create value, compete with China, and even force a devaluing of the Yuan.

Instead the poor things are at a loss, a total loss, their curves chock a block up against the proverbial wall, or at least the vertical line.

All the result of some senseless remark from some unknown to me comedian on some cable channel which even in my most intense discomfort, and reminiscing my most egregious mistakes, even say in the midst of Lent, I could not even find. Pity. Penance is getting so difficult to perform in such a hedonistic land!

Perhaps I may try this after the next prostate biopsy ... the pain gets more focused then. Poor, poor Harvard students, adrift without a supply curve, or was it a demand curve. Go figure.