Monday, December 13, 2010

Disease and the Victim Culture

Just a brief not. From The Hill regarding the passage of another free lunch program, literally,one comment read:

Obesity is a disease and all this is not about telling you what to do as Palin says but is a fight against the most common disease in the US.

Just to refute the above, if one takes a mouse, with no free will, and inserts a fat gene, then the hypothalamus pathway gets disturbed and it eats until the cows come home and gets fat. If on the other hand, we assume, that humans have freedom of will, which may go the way of the dodo with the current Administration, but for argument assume we can choose, then obesity is NOT a disease but a choice. Possibly a poor choice but a choice.

This is the problem. This comment is why we have so many problems. The victim culture seeks to find an exogenous cause for everything. It is not my fault, it has nothing to do with me, it is my genes, it is the Government's fault because they made me eat this stuff!

Nothing will get better until individual responsibility is retaken. And, yes, what does Palin have to do with this at all. Input - Output = Net Accumulation. Been around for billions of years!