Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Modern Version of the Sock Drawer

The sock drawer, that task one takes upon oneself when there is no pressing duties, taxes taken care of, documents written, snow plow on the ready, squirrels fed, and then the good old sock drawer. But in today's world the sock drawer has been replaced by the cable box, that box hidden in the basement in which every cable know to man is thrown if not used and after decades it has accumulated power supplies, coax, Ethernet, USB, RCA, HDMI, and a collection of known and unknown other connectors.

There comes a point on a rainy Sunday with all other tasks taken care of that the procrastinator in me gives in, and down to the box, the dreaded box. What do I make of it, for the first thing I find is a 30' Ethernet cable, from some dark past, there must be a dozen CATV coax cables, a few splitters, and dozens of USB connectors. I wonder what they were from, some may have been there for decades, their devices in some electronic heap, then there are the dozens of neatly wrapper power cords, for what I wonder, and those power supplies, there must be three dozen, even one for a 1978 TI calculator, does not work.

Perhaps the EPA or FCC will soon ban such collections, I can't seem to rid myself of them, the electronics went to the county disposal as per the laws but somehow these cable stayed behind, haunting me with what use they were to be put and guilty so that I fear disposing of them. At some time in the future we will eliminate these evils, as we have with WiFi and Bluetooth and my wireless keyboards and mouse, but for now they must stay, why I may nee a 9.5 v power supply, for something, and those co-ax connectors, why I may not be able to connect with an HDMI, so there they all stay. I am powerless to arrange this sock drawer!