Thursday, May 3, 2012

Passing of a Good Friend

The course of one's life is often moved as the result of one's friends and their good sense and integrity. I just learned that my long time friend and support, Ken Curtin, has passed away. Ken was a true mensch, a man who could be trusted, relied upon, would sustain you when things were bleak, and whose advice and guidance were impeccable.

Ken was an engineer by training from Cornell, and then became an investment banker. It was often through Ken's eyes that I understood Wall Street. Often a necessary evil, but workable. Ken was behind many entrepreneurs and was always insightful as to how best to present one's ideas.

Ken was a powerhouse, driving some 65 miles each way to his office, in his small Saturn, back and forth across the Cross Bronx, a road I would never venture upon, but one which he navigated well, a metaphor for his way of doing things.

Ken was quite close with my Partner Peter Mroczyk, another true friend, and the two of them made an inseparable pair. They both will be sorely missed. Rest well my friend.