Saturday, May 5, 2012

Teacher Appreciation

I noticed that next week is national teacher appreciation week. Now there are two of them whom I remember as formative. One was Brother Edward, above, who was my Junior Year Math (Fifth Form) teacher. In months he took me from doing poor geometry to excelling in calculus, analytic geometry and solid geometry.

The other is Tony Brown, who I still have lunch with from time to time.  A veritable Damon Runyon character, who taught senior English. The joys of private school is we did Beowulf in Old English and Chaucer in Middle English. After 4 years of Latin and one of Greek, this was an eye opener. Tony is a New York version of Mr. Chips, if such could be conceived, yet does exist.

Then again I did go with Tony and the boys for a martini before my final French exam, did well but could have been better.

So to all you teachers out there, thanks, including my daughter Kris who plows the fields every day with her fourth graders. Frankly she must spend as much time per week as I did starting an international company, just no one notices.