Monday, July 16, 2012

The Facts About Business

The current President is quoted as saying (see White House for full released statement):

"If you've got a business, you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen." 
Now I would like to correct him:

1. In Russia I worked with many partners, some were ex KGB even, and I can assure the man that I had no assistance from the US Government.

2. In The Czech Republic my partner was a former Czech Communist Party member, a fine man, who worked with me despite the US.

3. In Thailand I worked through family friends and past acquaintances. There was no Government support there either Mr President.

4. In Korea I found partners to work with despite what the US State Department did not do to help. Again Mr. President I did this on my own.

5. In Germany I worked with partners one of which had a Stasi lady friend, again no American help there.

6. In Poland I had a Polish friend jailed by the Soviets and he and I had no help from the Government. 

7. Then there was Greece, Turkey, Israel, Slovak Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, and the list goes on. No help there Mr. President! Greece was even easier than the US! Believe it, especially now.

8. Then there was New Jersey. We had to leave there Mr. President because the power company was in my opinion the worst in the world, at least as I saw it.

So Mr. President, perhaps one should find the facts before they opine. I hired thousands, in over twenty countries, and at no time did I get help from any Government agency of the US. In fact such entities as the FCC would slow us down.

So Mr. President, let me be clear, I never went to a public school, never used a single tax dollar, and I still pay more in Medicare than I cost and, well taxes, they keep coming on.

The US needs entrepreneurs, and if we keep telling them they never did it on their own, well Mr. President they will go elsewhere. Money and opportunity is fungible. No Government official has ever been so antagonistic to the people who create value as those in the current administration. In my experience Mr. Putin is more accepting of entrepreneurs than some here in the US. It is truly a pity!