Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pouch Camp

Pouch Camp lake, a Boy Scout Camp on the high point of Staten Island, was my swimming hole from some 60 years ago. On hot July days one could ride a bike up the long road, some five miles of climbing a hill, deplete of any traffic, and spend a day swimming in the large cool lake. The inner area was for beginners but one would swim out to the platform and dive into the cold spring fed waters. Missing from this photo is the rowboats and canoes which made the scene complete. Back then, before air conditioning, the cold water was great, then back on the bike and down the hill, hands off the handle bars, wind blowing cool, despite the 90+ temps. Yes this was technically New York City, but it just as well could have been Nebraska! There were no helicopter moms, no Sandusky types, just kids, Schwinn bikes, and a swimming hole.