Monday, May 27, 2013

Slow News Day - X Ray Scanners

Yes, X Ray scanners use X Rays. X- Rays cause cancer. Yes X Ray scanners penetrate only the top layers of the skin. Yes melanocytes reside there. Yes, X Rays mutate genes. Yes X Rays can mutate melanocyte genes. Yes mutated melanocytes can become melanomas. Yes melanoma kills, really kills.

Now to the NY Times, it has a complaint about TSA X Ray machines. But a few years ago I wrote a long analysis of the X Ray scanners and melanoma. Yes it exists and X Rays are causitive. In fact look at my draft book on melanoma genomics.

The author states:

I have never walked through an airport body scanner — or, as I think of it, “the cancer machine.” In the years since these radiation chambers began appearing in airports across the United States, I have developed a variety of tricks to avoid submitting myself to them.

Good for the author. He continues:

The T.S.A. assures us that neither the X-ray scanners nor the millimeter wave machines pose a heath risk. But frankly I’d prefer to avoid being irradiated, even a little bit.

T.S.A. officers seem to take it personally when I opt out. They sigh, they roll their eyes, they snort derisively. I always have the impression that, at some point in their training, they have been told that passengers who opt out are foolish and selfish, because that is how I tend to be treated — with disgust.

Yes I have opted out. You see I have a predisposition. Then again it is the Government. Even more so it is TSA, one of the most troglodyte like elements of the current administrations task force of enforcers. Their science is not only defective but is harming Americans by the millions. Remember that it the Beltway Bandit firms who write the reports. These are the companies who hire the less than qualified and then produce expensive reports justifying Government attacks on it own citizens.

Now let me tell you how I really feel......

The TSA X Ray program is a major cause of latent cancers. It irradiates American citizens by the millions and does so with no understanding of the results. Perhaps that is why I drive everywhere. Or get the Fascist strip search. I really like Putin, at least he knows how to run a country!