Monday, May 27, 2013

The Left and Taxes

We have laws, including Tax Laws. And we have Tax Lawyers. They are very expensive. My Tax Lawyer costs 4 times my Accountant. My Tax Lawyer is really important, my accountant makes sure I do everything right, but my Tax Lawyers makes sure the IRS understands that I did it right. I fear the IRS more than the Devil! As very well we all should.

But then again there are laws. If we follow them, then we have no problems. One of the Left Wing Economists located at Columbia, that school which denied Catholics admission because of their religion, not that I hold a grudge, states:

The world looked on agog as Tim Cook, the head of Apple, said his company had paid all the taxes owed – seeming to say that it paid all the taxes it should have paid. There is, of course, a big difference between the two. It's no surprise that a company with the resources and ingenuity of Apple would do what it could to avoid paying as much tax as it could within the law. While the supreme court, in its Citizens United case seems to have said that corporations are people, with all the rights attendant thereto, this legal fiction didn't endow corporations with a sense of moral responsibility; and they have the Plastic Man capacity to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time – to be everywhere when it comes to selling their products, and nowhere when it comes to reporting the profits derived from those sales.

With all due respect, there is no difference between the two.  The laws says such and such and you then follow the law. What does this character mean by "should"? According to him? Who is he? The arrogance of the Left is amazing. If we do not like it then change the tax law.

Frankly we should eliminate all corporate taxes. Imagine what that would do! It would make all these companies move here, hire people here, rent and build facilities here. Then we can tax the result via personal taxes. After all we really do not get that much from companies. The big ones pay less as a percent of profits than the smaller ones. So "level the playing field", is that not the Socialist dictum, make the tax zero!

Besides why should we ever listen to a Socialist!