Thursday, June 4, 2015

Commencement Speakers

MIT had an interesting list of its Commencement Speakers. I went back to my days and it was the MIT President. Missed 1970 where there was no speaker due to the Kent State Assassinations. That was a troubled time. But generally it was some content free discussion waiting to get diplomas.

Now we have a real collection of people who at times make no sense. The collection seems more reflection of the politics of the time rather than any academic content. It started with Ms Graham from WaPo. Strange for the time. This year it is the White House Techy, an MIT Grad, but clearly a political statement. Of the politicians they were all Democrats and even the Government Officials. Risky if the Republicans take over in 2016. Also boring if you are sitting there waiting to get through the process to please your parents.

One must ask just who was your commencement speaker? Unless you had the list I bet not 1 of a hundred would remember. Better yet what did they say? No clue.

I would strongly suggest eliminating such a process. It is too political and content free. It also takes too much time!Just get to work!