Monday, August 17, 2015

An Alternative Tunnel

The NY Times is advocating for a new tunnel under the Hudson. As they state:

The only long-term solution is the construction of a new tunnel complex, as proposed by Amtrak in its Gateway Program. Without a new tunnel and new rail tracks, a massive storm or some other disaster could sever a critical link in the Northeast rail corridor that serves more than 750,000 people a day on 2,000 intercity and commuter trains. For commuters and rail passengers crossing the Hudson River who are already complaining about delays, it can only get worse.

That is giving Amtrak from the Feds and States the money to build the tunnel. But I remember the first time I took a cab from the new Hong Kong airport through the new tunnel, a privately owned and financed tunnel. It was built in a very short time period, cost the Hong Kong taxpayers nothing, and was paid by those who used it.

Why not try that one. I use the train to Penn Station whenever I get to the city. The old facilities are rally falling apart and need replacement. But Government does not seem to work, especially Amtrak. So why not emulate the Chinese, it works.