Sunday, August 16, 2015

Did Anyone Ever Take Geography?

New Guinea was a major front during WW II. MacArthur landed on the northern side, I recalled from the exploits of my father's Destroyer records at the time. Today New Guinea is split down the middle. The West is Indonesia and the East is Papua. The interior is impenetrable. Abot 2 to 3 meters from the waterline one can no longer see the fingers on an out stretched hand, the growth of vegetation is so great.

Yet in all the news channels they indicate Papua as the West! Just check Google maps, please, someone! I am totally amazed at the general incompetence of the news media. Really guys! It is just Grammar School geography!

This is reflective of the general competence or lack thereof of both our media and our education system. I had this in the 5th grade with Sister Rosita. As did the Public School colleagues.

Why not try this one out on the Candidates, even the former Secretary of State!