Monday, August 3, 2015

Why Not to Use Windows 10

When Microsoft does things they almost always, always in my opinion, do it for their sole benefit. One twist in W10 is the peer to peer updating. Yes indeed, you get to work for Microsoft FREE. No not really, you may actually have to pay!

PCWorld has a great piece describing what it does. Simply W10 has a peer to peer system. Kinda like BitTorrent, except for Microsoft. When you get an update, they then use you to send that update to many others. You suddenly become a peer or even a Tracker as in BitTorrent and you never know it. It is your bandwidth which is used and if your service is measured you are then paying for it.


1.Microsoft W10 has a P2P system

2. Microsoft downloads an update

3. You then via the P2P send it to peers or lechers.

4. You pay for the up load BW

5. Microsoft has enlisted you in their business and you get to pay.

Beware W10, what else is there?

But also beware if the P2P can be hijacked and some third party now uses you to send God knows what! The Feds get your IP address and you without any knowledge may be thrown into a long painful process.

The PCWorld piece tells how to disable this. There surely are many more such traps. Beware of those folks bearing gifts. W10 may not be "free" after all!