Friday, October 16, 2015

Microsoft and Windows 10

Microsoft has tried over 40 times to download W10 to one of my computers, about the same for the other 8. That means 320 possible attempts. I think I finally shut it out by finding solutions of Google. But hour after hour of wasted time and my bandwidth. I have one new laptop with W10, it is OK, but I guess I will soon be seeing pop up ads from Microsoft. I would never buy anything from them nor would I consider buying from anyone who uses them to advertise. But alas the company in my opinion is going to the dogs.

I want an OS, so sell me one, don't make my life horrible with its attempts to monetize a relationship that does not exist. I really dislike Microsoft, but I also dislike colonoscopies and understand that they may be beneficial, in a limited amount.

I wonder if some smart lawyer will find a way to file a massive class action suit. The time wasted avoiding W10 and the time and productivity lost if perchance you download it and your drivers all die off. I assume the Microsoft lawyers have thought of this, perhaps not. This could make for a very wealth law firm. Perhaps...not being a lawyer...I seen many in action...but this smells like it could have legs. Watch for the shorts on Microsoft...time will tell.