Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Next Economic Collapse

The FED and our wonderful Government is taking on another collapse. Let us look at the yield curves.
We have this soon to be inverted curve. Watch the short term rates.
The above shows the spread between 10 year and 90 days. It is dropping very quickly. That is always a problem. But it is due to short term increasing while long term decreases!
The above is even more inspiring. The red line on the left is short term exploding. Watch the DOW, it is directly related. In my view Yellen is clueless, as are all economists, the Witch Doctors of the 21st Century!
The above shows the spread a bit better. What this process is doing is making those who can leverage richer and the poor schlubs who are trying to save for the future indentured servants.

This is what Sanders should focus on. It is his actions leading this train wreck!