Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Why People Buy Apple Computers

For the past few weeks, yes weeks, I have been struggling with a dying W7 computer. Each death is different. In this case it was a result of what we think is registryoma, a malignant condition in the Microsoft Registry. We all know that Microsoft has designed this devilish system to control its world but one small base pair mismatch and if you think melanoma is bad try this on for size. There is no immune therapy available and there is not way to block the pathways.

The first symptoms are insidious. Google desktop stops. It just disappears. It was akin to a small mole, just a small change, just a little sensitive. So you do a work around. Then Quick Books fails. The mole starts to bleed. Maybe I scratched it, denial. Another work around. I will do my books on another machine. No problem. Put another bandage on it, how bad can it be.

Then the web systems fail to connect. No problem I can use Filezilla, another work around. It is another mole popping up where there was none before. I do not see lungs becoming engorged with metastatic patches.

Then I try Skype. Dead. It will not even load. It has spread to the brain. The patient does not know it yet. But Office is not loading properly, it freezes up all the time. Firefox has to be loaded 2 or 3 times before it starts. The patient has a seizure.

At this point  I would say the patient is a goner! Well I got another machine. Started all over again. New patient, left the old one in the basement. Not totally dead but it is hospice care for the dying!

Microsoft has with its Registry invented a malignancy that makes cancer seen benign. It starts slowly and then spreads and infirm the "patient" and the user. There is no cure, just put the old guy in a hospice and let him die. Kind of like the ACA approach. Thanks Microsoft, you make cancer research looks trivial!