Saturday, August 13, 2016

Dog Days of August

In one of the left wing blurbs the author writes:

Heat waves are a growing trend across the globe. This summer, the Middle East has experienced record temperatures. July saw the heat index in Iran and the U.A.E. hit an almost unimaginable 140ºF. Actual temperature in the region hit hemispheric records of 129ºF. According to Live Science, most people will experience hyperthermia after 10 minutes in 140ºF. While we are not seeing temperatures go quite that high — yet — it is the unrelenting heat that kills. High temperatures combined with high humidity mean no relief. Even at night, temperatures do not fall sufficiently for the human body to adequately cool itself. In 2010, 55,000 people in Russia died in a heat wave. In 2003, 70,000 people across Europe were killed by heat.For decades, scientists have been warning that climate change ...

Well it just is August. For those of us who work outside, especially protecting ourselves from the rays of the sun, it is a challenge. But it is August. I have daily records for the past thirty years of hybridizing and frankly there is no substantial change. 

I recall the summer of 1964 at NY Tel, my summer job, with no air conditioning at 140 West Street. When the temps exceeded 90 for more than 4 days we got out at 2:30. That did happen frequently. Then I tool the Broadway Line to 242nd Street, from 95F to 120F in the subway! With a half million or more people at rush hour! Try that one on.

So have things changed much? Slightly but not warranting the hysteria. Data and facts are strange things. Just watch the dogs. BTW it is 64F in Moscow right now!