Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Unions at the Academy

Let's totally destroy the University in the United States! How? Make all Grad students join a Union! Take away any merit based rewards, make every student the same...they are not. As the Harvard Crimson states:

Overturning precedent, the National Labor Relations Board ruled that student assistants at private universities are considered employees with collective bargaining rights, a move that would force Harvard to legally recognize an elected graduate student union. The 3-1 decision handed down Tuesday marks a significant milestone for the unionization effort at Harvard, which began in April 2015 and has since grown in size and sophistication despite opposition from University administrators. However, the ruling has implications far beyond Harvard and comes as debate over the issue of graduate student unionization has roiled campuses across the country. The decision does not only affect Ph.D. students or graduate students; the NLRB ruled that employees under a collective bargaining unit could include undergraduate teaching assistants and research assistants as well. Harvard’s unionization movement, the Harvard Graduate Students Union-United Auto Workers, ramped up efforts over the last year to push Harvard to recognize a graduate student union and has already gained more than enough support among graduate students to call for a union election. 

 The Academy is based on merit and performance. It is not a Ford assembly line. Now the useless grad student gets the same rights as a Nobel Prize winner. Next we will see Washington forcing unions on brain surgeons! Talk about dumbing down!