Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Who Are These Folks?

What is happening to my old Alma Mater, whoops I used a Latin phrase, perhaps that is now banned in Cambridge. Yet I do not know what the new in word must be. Let it pass.

Well, I get an email from some character who states:

Many of you have reached out to us to express concern about the recent outcome of the United States presidential elections. For us, that your outreach came from all corners of the world is a testament to the potential we have to build a world that is even more connected. Differences in our views do exist, with many of them existentially important, but over the long term we find progress through education and community. They are our ships for the seas of uncertainty.  

Then this character includes the letter from the President bemoaning the election. It appears as if this fellow is actually getting paid by the Academy as well. For what? That I cannot figure out.

Not only did I not reach out to him, I did not know he even existed, and worse yet that we are paying for him!

I truly believe that we may have in some cases gone over the cliff in "sensitivity" training and expression. And we wonder why tuition is exploding.