Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Preparedness of Government

Consider the US Interstate System. It is a mass of disparate roads paid by the taxpayer and under the jurisdiction of the State and Local police. Now consider contingency plans. For example ice, snow, or well let us just consider a car wreck.

Specifically let us look at the state of Pennsylvania and its Interstates. They are for the most part half a century or more in age and almost without exception two lanes. They have no tolls and thus invite the trucks, tons of them, and truck drivers who are in a rush and often less capable of doing what they are.

Now look at today on I81 in Carlisle. An eighteen wheeler going northbound collides apparently with a pickup which cross the divider and both are destroyed and fatalities.

So what does the State have for a contingency plan? Nothing. Zip! Da Nada! One would assume that the State should have a contingency, but do not make that assumption. They are the Government after-all. Traffic is back up for hours, no exits, more than 40 miles sitting and burning fuel.
One would assume there would be a plan, directions, traffic control. The objective should be the care and safety of all, not just a gathering on a closed Interstate. One must ask; who is in charge? I have seen this again and again especially with many different State Police. Some are good, such as here in New Jersey, but if one were to cross state lines then all bets are off. There should be plans for this type of incident. One cannot just close the highway and leave tens of thousands to sit and wait, No Exit Sartre and all!

Then again one should ask; where is the Governor? The people stranded, some with health problems, others effecting commerce, ultimately all assume some modicum of care and attention. But not likely in Pennsylvania!

So how does one drive from New Jersey to Ohio? East through Moscow! Then to Vladivostok. Keep going East! Avoid Pennsylvania at all costs.