Monday, January 9, 2017

China and Trump

The current Administration seems fixated on the power of RT to influence Americans. Then there is such sites as China Daily which lays bare threats and uncertainty.

China Daily states:

...professor and chair of the department of political science at the University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas, said: "Trump is about to create a very difficult period in China-US relations, one that may rival that of the 1950s and 60s. I am deeply concerned that Trump is rapidly moving US foreign policy toward a deep Cold War mindset regarding China. "My profound fear is that Trump has surrounded himself with anti-China hardliners who have little experience with or expertise on China, have rarely, if ever, visited the country, and have little understanding beyond textbooks and oped pieces of the nuances and subtleties of China's history, culture, and political system."

I am not aware of this Professor of what appears to be a small Catholic college in Texas, but it seems that he has become a statement maker for the Regime. Surprised no Harvard, Stanford, Yale or Princeton types.

In contrast the article continues:

...deputy director of research at the School of Regional and International Studies at the Far Eastern Federal University in Vladivostock, Russia, said the exchange of goodwill between Trump and Moscow signals subtle changes in Russia's ties with China. According to public opinion surveys, Russia was the only country to prefer Trump over Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party's presidential candidate. "Since 2012, ties between Moscow and Beijing have been expanding and deepening, especially in the political-military domain," Lukin said. If Moscow normalizes relations with Washington, "the Sino-Russian partnership will continue, with the emphasis shifting to economics and trade", he added.

How much of this is game playing and muscle stretching and how much reflects a fundamental change is yet to be played out. China and Russia have had a tenuous relationship at best over the decades. You cannot buy anything Made in Russia at Walmart but there are still tons of Made in China.

It is surprising that the organ that the Chinese use to send out a message  use Academics so far from the base. Vladivostok is not Moscow, but it is quite reputable. Houston is not Cambridge yet it is no where close to Vladivostok.

One should ask; what this message means and to whom was it directed?