Monday, January 9, 2017

More on Employment January 2017

Last Friday the Government announced the latest Employment Stats. As usual we noted the mass amount no longer in the work force but we now take a look at details.
The above is a plot of Government or Government related employment versus non-Government. It dropped for a while but we note it climbing again. This chart shows that as that climbs then more people doing real work are having to be taxed for people doing Government supported work.
Again we show this as a Public versus Private sector breakout.
Looking deeper the real reason is the explosion of employment in Health Care. Clearly the AMA has created a massive number of jobs, most at the lower end, and in turn these jobs are paid for from a taxation base. Unfortunately that is ll being borrowed. Compare this to the JAMA analysis presented earlier.
The above is a listing of the Core workers during this period.
The above is detail per pop. Finally below we compare before the Collapse and now.
The above is a picture of the change in our employment structure.