Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Campus Cauldron

Back in the 60s, when one opposed the Vietnam War, there were clear reasons. One was you, if you were male, had a good chance of getting killed. Half a million at a time were sent there and the strategy and reasons were anything but clear.

Now we have the clamor over the current President. As noted I have no horse in the race but as an observer the intensity of the opposition is, well just to say, kind of over the hill.

In The Tech, the MIT student newspaper, which even during Vietnam walked a middle road, extolling the concert for the coming weekend, not bubbling over in terror because Johnson or Nixon sent more troops. But now in The Tech they writer notes:

Many recount losing friends, being insulted, or being yelled at after having revealed their political beliefs. They’ve said that MIT professors have publicly criticized their candidate, their party, or their beliefs. Many recall hateful post-election rhetoric, such as assassination wishes on the “Share your hopes” posters put up in Lobby 7.

Imaging "assassination" wishes posted in the main entry way, and among these wishes many were apparently lauded by the general statements of the President of the Institute.

What do they say about the odors of dead fish? Just a thought. How do computer scientists and molecular biologists get so vitriolic? One need look no farther, I believe, than the exploding administration overhead.