Thursday, February 9, 2017

Tax and Spend Republicans

They are at it again. The Luddites who believe that the only way to attack an issue is to tax it. The NY Times presents another article by the group of tax and spend Republicans. The authors state:

First, the federal government would impose a gradually increasing tax on carbon dioxide emissions. It might begin at $40 per ton and increase steadily. This tax would send a powerful signal to businesses and consumers to reduce their carbon footprints. Second, the proceeds would be returned to the American people on an equal basis via quarterly dividend checks. With a carbon tax of $40 per ton, a family of four would receive about $2,000 in the first year. As the tax rate rose over time to further reduce emissions, so would the dividend payments. Third, American companies exporting to countries without comparable carbon pricing would receive rebates on the carbon taxes they’ve paid on those products, while imports from such countries would face fees on the carbon content of their products. This would protect American competitiveness and punish free-riding by other nations, encouraging them to adopt their own carbon pricing. Finally, regulations made unnecessary by the carbon tax would be eliminated, including an outright repeal of the Clean Power Plan.

Has anyone ever heard of the Government "returning" money! Are they living in some alternate universe. Also, again, unlike Harvard Professors, what of the poor person living pay check to pay check. Tax the hell out of everything and then a year later perhaps send them a check. That may have starved to death by then!

Why not solve the problem. Like engineers do! Perhaps that is why Harvard has no Engineering school, it would harm the economists!