Thursday, March 30, 2017

Everything on a Smart Phone?

The Guardian is showing British Drivers Licenses on smart phone next year. Today we can go to the bank, get a car, get on a plan, etc all on a smart phone. Tow questions:

1. What is I do not want to spend $600-$1,000 for a smart phone. Must I now have one? To do everything? Don't I have a right to live without one? Where does it say in the Constitution that I must have one? I must pay some foreign company for the right to exist?

2. Given the gross lack of security in any such device, is this single point of contact not making each of us ever so much more vulnerable? A single point of contact is great for the Government. They can see where we were, who we were with (really, by pinging who is around us), what we eat, what we watch, etc. And with the new Internet Lack of Security law just passed by Congress it is all readily and commercially available!

So perhaps we should just slow down a bit and ask what these folks in Silicon Valley really have in mind. You see Government officials are generally rather slow on the uptake and the Lobbyists can convince them of anything for a price.

Perhaps Brandeis was right, we should have a right to be left alone. But we don't. Pity.