Wednesday, June 7, 2017

ASCO and PCa

In an ASCO report commenting on the USPSTF D rating for PSA testing the report states:

In 2012, PSA screening for prostate cancer (CaP) detection was given a “Grade D” recommendation for all men by the USPSTF. Recent U.S. studies report declines in PSA screening with concomitant increases in advanced CaP at diagnosis. This study examined the association between PSA screening history and CaP aggressiveness in a racially diverse, military cohort with equal health care access.... In this RP cohort, higher risk stratum, increased GU, and poorer BCR-free survival were associated with no PSA screening history. BCR-free survival was incrementally worsened by less PSA screening. A complete absence of PSA screening may lead to more aggressive disease at presentation and poorer clinical outcomes.

This was a Government conducted study, by  people apparently competent in the field. This is just another study confirming the deadly results of following USPSTF.