Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Is This a Sign of the Future: China Has More IPOs

The China Daily reports:

"China has outstripped the US in the amount of money raised from stock listings, underscoring the region's stronger economy and a resurgence in investment.

Companies have raised nearly $52 billion from initial public offerings on exchanges in Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland so far this year, according to financial research firm Dealogic. That's about twice as much as the some $26.5 billion in American IPOs. In 2007, the amount of money raised from IPOs in Hong Kong and the mainland also exceeded the US total.

Hong Kong alone has drawn more than $27 billion this year, making the southern Chinese financial center the world's top city for equity capital raising for the first time, according to Dealogic's records dating to 1997. Since 2000, Wall Street has led every year except for 2006, when London was the destination of choice."

This is a dramatic move for the Chinese markets. The US markets will continue to fall and this lack of monetization for US companies will result in a potential collapse of the US entrepreneurial market.