Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Need for a Little Bit of Logic

I was listening to Senator Bernie Sanders yesterday bemoaning the fact that health care was increasing because, and I assume only because, insurance companies were raising their rates. That statement is akin to saying that coffee is increasing in price because and only because the local super markets were raising their prices. Perhaps they raised their rates because the coffee suppliers increased their rates and this due to the fact that the growers increased their rates and so forth.

Logic would dictate that at least Senator Sanders would articulate that if the prime and sole cause of increasing health care was the insurance companies and their single handed rate increases, then why is Medicare increasing, no insurance company there. The insurance companies are merely reflecting their costs. Just look at the profit margins, they are not banks.

That is the problem with this whole discussion. Bending the curve is complex and it becomes more complex when those in Congress make inane statements that have no logical basis, happens on both sides, just picking on Bernie this time!