Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Google's Next Step in Wireless

The Financial Times has reported on the Google entry into the handset market using its software platform. As we have written over the past few years here and in detail in our White Papers we still see Google as a one trick pony, yet continuing to wander around for alternative opportunities.

The FT states:

"The online Google phone store will sell the handset with service from Verizon Wireless in the US and Vodafone in the UK immediately, but will quickly be expanded to include more handsets, mobile operators and countries, Google executives said. The early test countries, which also include Singapore and Hong Kong, are only the “first baby steps” in a global push, said Andy Rubin, head of the Google mobile software efforts.

Google’s move into online retailing marks its latest attempt to change the ground rules in the mobile business and to stimulate mobile internet use to boost its search advertising business"

The Google strategy is to place itself in as many places as possible, to get in front of as many eyes as is possible. Yet at the same time the clarity of their business model, beyond advertising, is yet to be determined.

As we have argued before we still see the development of the electronic shopping mall model and yet the FT article sees a focus on selling the "retail service" whatever that may be.

The winner we continue to believe will be the player who cracks the electronic shopping mall operator paradigm.