Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What Anger?

The current Administration seems to portray the Massachusetts vote as one compounded in anger. Frankly having spent a great deal of time there one is left to ask, what anger. Perhaps Gergen is angry because his academic arrogance was called into question, and perhaps the Kennedy machine is angry because they lost the last semblance of God given regality. Yet the people who voted for Brown were not angry. Angry was and is a negative emotion. The people felt empowered to say they did not agree with the ensconced pols who all too often take them for granted. This is not Venezuela, yet, and votes still do count. The "anger" tag is the last resort of the rascal, call your opponent a nasty name and hope it sticks.

This election was a restatement of the principle that if all else fails the politician should listen to the people, even in a Republic. The current administration should set aside Alinsky and return to the principles of the Founders. As I walk around the Jockey Hollow encampment of Washington I can recall what those troops went through. They were from Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Hampshire, and they fought and dies for individual freedom. T^hat is what was reiterated to Washington last night, and the anger came from Washington not Massachusetts.