Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cablevision and ABC

Well the media moguls are at it again. Cable vision has a bit over 3 million subs, a smaller system than most, but in the NYC market. Tonight the moguls at ABC are demanding $1 per month per sub. That is right, an added $12 per year of $40 million per year total when you round it all up.

ABC was "given" the use of the spectrum, free you see, for the public benefit. Well, stick it to the public is their attitude. Not that I watch the Oscars anyhow, but many folks do, it's Sunday night and it is not as if there is anything else. Perhaps you could read a book, talk with your spouse and children, write on your blog, whatever.

But as I wrote when the Fox problem arose, this is just abject greed. We have newspapers enticing Senators to pass bills to give them special treatment because they are messing up, but the broadcast guys are just outright greedy.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. In my discussions with my cable friends it appears that the Dolans are out in front on this one and ABC looks like the heavy.