Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Fiscal Commission

The Fiscal Commission Report has been issued in draft. Interesting reading. Simply it says:

1. Government must trim back. Well I think the taxpayers said that also.

2. Fix Medicare by semi market driven methods. Yes, we agree, but you may also want to slide it up to 70 over say 10 years. Also some means testing and increasing deductibles. I suggest retaining the no cap number, that is a catastrophic coverage plan, never know.

3. Slip SSI with age, up to 70 and thereafter set by demographic survival rates. Also add a means test.

4. Simplify taxes. I would drop 35% to 25% but that is me. Corporate tax should be 15%. To make up the difference cut Government by 15-18% not 10%.

Otherwise not too bad. And Krugman is screaming so something must be right here.