Wednesday, November 3, 2010

If All Else Fails Listen to the Customer (Voter)

I used to have a sign behind my desk to remind my folks of one thing, if all else fails listen to the customer. Yes, without the customer you do not have a business, and the same in politics, without a voter you do not have a job.

The extreme left wing Kaiser group may have had a glimpse at that today. Their staff person writes:

The Democrats’ ambitious health care overhaul is facing roadblocks from newly elected state officials who harshly criticized it while campaigning and who are now in a position to make good on their promises.

Governors’ mansions in several states, including Kansas, Tennessee and Oklahoma, will be changing hands from Democratic to Republican. Winners included Sam Brownback of Kansas, who called the reform law "an abomination." Tennessee’s governor-elect, Bill Haslam, said the law is an "intolerable expansion" of federal power and a "reminder of the incredible arrogance of Washington."

While unable to overturn the federal law, the newly elected officials will be under pressure to act. They could slow the pace of implementation, lean on congressional delegations to repeal or change the legislation, seek waivers from some of its provisions, veto state legislation related to it and appoint like-minded people to important positions, such as insurance commissioner slots.

And this is just the beginning. The Bill was and is a bad Bill. Not because it seeks to attain full health care coverage. We have argued for that for decades. But because it puts potential maniacal egomaniacs in charge! It creates an ever expanding Government loaded with rejects from the real world. It gives them power over the lives of all. That was what was rejected, it was the world of the little lady from San Francisco and her arm swing rants at the American people.

Perhaps some will listen to the voter this time.