Thursday, November 25, 2010

Korea, November 1950

From Tolland, In Mortal Combat, pp 258-259:

The (North Korean) major flipped up the back of ( US Army Lieutenant) Thornton's fur cap, then pulled the trigger. Thornton collapsed to the ground. A sixteen year old girl screamed. "Stop" shouted the major, "or I'll kill you too." He surveyed the shocked crowd. "Now" he said in dead calm "you see what can happen to you. It was the first death eight year old Shaucat Salahutdin, son of a Tartar businessman, ad ever seen. His legs wobbles and he had to pull down his pants to defecate. He had seen the brains actually blown out of a man.

As the Chinese supported and drove the North Korean barbarians sixty years ago, one might readily suspect that they have a strong hand again today. Truman responded with an aircraft carrier as is somewhat reminiscent of today. Yet Truman's response was firm and yet MacArthur's over reach resulted in a near collapse. It will be interesting to see how the current administration will deal with a long festering immoral entity ready to blow the brains out of any and all Americans.

China is playing a very risky game allowing its crazed puppet in North Korea to act as it does. As Japan dramatically underestimated the United States in 1941, China may think the crrent administration is the United States. It is not, it is an extreme corner at best and when pushed to the tipping point this may dramatically change what they see as the United States, and a change in its government. Yamamoto saw the US for what it was having been educated in this country. The Chinese leaders must understand that the US can flip on a dime, and change direction in response to threats. North Korea is a clear and present danger, and its continuing efforts are no longer allowable. China can solve the problem now or live with the results later.