Friday, March 30, 2012

Somewhat Terrifying: Loss of Identity

The Guardian has a frightful article on what is happening in the Internet, in my opinion the arrogance of the bot creators have a logic which one cannot follow.

As part of the Esc and Ctrl series, Jon Ronson recently published two videos on Comment is free in which he confronts a spambot version of himself and accuses it of stealing his identity.

These European Professors are in my opinion clearly cyber terrorists but also seem in my opinion to be grossly illogical. They seem to have the problem that in Twitter world the use of one's real name is verboten, yes they teach in Germany. Identity is a key element of existence but one must listen to these characters, they are truly unreal.

What do they have, they have bots which steal identities and then create cyber identities that are sent out into the Internet. It states:

We're at a turning point in the development of the internet. Bots, like any other scientific innovation, can be used for benign or malign purposes. The identity issues that Ronson raises are only the thin end of the wedge

The creators have a problem with the Wall Street algorithms which perform real time trades, and they allege are at the core of their lost earning, and this is the apparent underlying prime reason that they are sending bots out to destroy individual identities. For these creators they believe that attacking third parties is a way to make public their message. The logic is hardly compelling to say the least.

It is essential to listen to this interview. Ronson is clear and logical but the creators of the bots in my opinion seem totally incoherent. They jump from conclusion to conclusion with no logical connectives. The issue that by using Ronson's name and picture and creating a bot to tweet things that may make no sense to things which could be defamatory is their way of sending out a complaint about Wall Street. There is in my opinion a direct disconnect from reality here, something is truly wrong.

The fear is that our future may very well be in the hands, or worse, the minds of people like this. Ronson did a wonderful job by collecting their logic and lack thereof on video. It should be viewed by many because it establishes the mindset in my opinion of a total nihilism. The loss of logic in a world where anyone can go out and defame with impunity.

Of all the things which one could be concerned about, this is one of the most serious. Loss of identity. There are those stealers of our selves, thieves of the persona, who then take and contort and then present it to the world as if it were us. They take glee in such an act, and have applied a set of disconnected logic which can only in my opinion be called bizarre!