Thursday, March 14, 2013

Google, I have always had Questions

Now Google has a great search engine. Why, because unlike Yahoo it does not fill the screen up with junk. Do I make decisions to go to paid ad sites, yes quite often. But the best element of Google was, yes was, Google Reader. Well not any more.

You see the same morons who brought you Nexus 7, the Asus piece of junk, decided to cancel Google Reader. I use Google+ once a month at best. I am not a social media type. I left Facebook years ago, yes years ago, and I find Linkedin almost impossible to read, even on my 3 grand screens, on my gigantic desk. There is just too much noise.

But Google Reader has little if any noise. The BBC states:

A petition to save the service, which aggregates news content from web feeds, had 25,000 signatures in a few hours. Experts say shutting Reader is part of Google's plan to migrate more people to its social media service, Google+.

Who are these moron experts. I generally do not get this upset.  It must be some media savvy twerp from Harvard. No one uses Google+, it stinks, so why close something that works to force people to something that does not. You see Silicon Valley is really filled with intellectual not wits. I bet they paid a fortune for this advice.

So what did I do, as soon as I got the news I ran for an alternative. You see I use Google Reader as a heads up for the latest research in my areas of interest. Get a hit, go to the paper, then write it up, add it to my ever increasing lore of stuff. My last two books would have been near impossible without Google Reader, I would even pay for it. At least until these neanderthals did this colossal misstep.

So what did I do? I went to Microsoft, yes the customer unfriendly Microsoft, and used that antediluvian piece of Microsoft code called Outlook, great little RSS unit.  It took some tome, I used Google to get my feeds than loaded them into Outlook. A couple of hours of lost time working on my cancer models but necessary.

Now what did this tell me? First, cloud stuff really stinks. Outlook is not cloud, I have it on my system, thus some evil person cannot randomly remove it. Did I say evil, in reference to Google. Yes I did.

Second, Google seems to have gotten taken over by troglodytes. What happened folks. Are they going to stop the blogs as well, how about gmail, I don't use it anyhow, why not kill off the search engine too while you are at it.

This is clearly one of the stupidest actions taken by any company ever. Just look at the global backlash. Even in the NY Times, which states:

Now people will be out on the news reader street by July 1, and there are few places for them to go.
As BuzzFeed noted, using data from the BuzzFeed Network, a group of sites that collectively have over 300 million users,Google Reader still sends a considerable amount of traffic to these sites. Google Plus, the company’s social network, does not.

Remember, if all else fails, listen to the customer!