Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Incompetence of the Health Care Insurers

First rule of life is: Do Not Get Sick, Ever, Just Die, Neatly.

Otherwise you have to deal with health care providers and insurers. Today I tried to reorder some eye drops. Not real real critical, but timely. So I went off to the website of the insurer to do so;

1. Ten days ago I ordered on line and it seemed simple. Just renew it.

2. Yesterday I found that they cancelled the prescription order.

3. Then I emailed back and forth to see what was wrong but to no avail. First we all know email really does not work in communicating, and second their objective is not to honor the agreement. So obfuscate.

4. Today after 10 min with an electronic operator saying names and numbers a half a dozen time I go through to a human. Apparently they believe that I can only get so much a year no matter what.

5. The problem, about six months ago they switched from an American supplier to an Indian supplier. The Indian applicator leaks drops all over so one goes through the therapeutic at twice the rate. But the drug is most likely half the price, but if you use it at twice the rate... Do not expect some moron at an insurer to recognize that 0.5 time 2 is still one!

6. The putative solution is to double the dosing, namely  have the physician write a script for qid not bid and then hope their computer honors it. Do not count on it.

7. The alternative is to go over into Canada and buy it there. Despite the rumors they really do not ration, that much.

Well this is another sign that we will be seeing a total disaster in Health Care.