Saturday, June 22, 2013

Imagine if a Chemical Engineer Were a NYC Employee

The NY Times today discussed the collapse of the Regents grading system. The quote by one of the Officials is as follows:

“We anticipated there to be bumps,” Ms. Hughes said, noting that the city had originally set a deadline of this coming Monday to have all tests graded. “Things are moving more slowly than we had hoped.” 

 So hundreds of students, if not thousands, for who believes any Government spokesperson in my opinion, did not graduate or get their grades. Could you imaging some Chemical Engineer saying, "We expected some small explosions" or a surgeon saying "{We expected a few dead patients". Bumps in the road are all too common in Government projects, just look at the new 911 System in NYC as well. Now this is 2013, software has been developed for sixty plus years, testing is a sophisticated science, so why all these mistakes. I would guess because it is the Government. You see if this were some commercial enterprise it would lose customers and go out of existence. One suspects the folks involved will get a bonus.