Wednesday, July 3, 2013

These are the Folks Who Gave You the ACA

Arrogance is a human fault. Arrogance when combined with ignorance can be truly dangerous. Many who gave us the ACA were and are truly arrogant, even more so they have a hubris that exceeds what the gods would ever allow a human.

In today's NY Times one of those characters, in my opinion, states:

The employer mandate was included in the Affordable Care Act — which I helped design as an adviser to the Obama administration — in order to ensure the continuation of employer-sponsored insurance after the creation of state-sponsored health care exchanges. We didn’t want every employer to simply drop its coverage and send all its workers to the exchanges.

But complying is proving to be more difficult than expected for employers. The act requires businesses with more than 50 employees to provide coverage to their full-time workers or face a penalty of $2,000 per employee. A full-time worker is defined as someone who is paid for 30 or more hours of service a week or 130 hours a month. It sounds simple, but determining who should be counted turned out to be a nightmare.

Just read this. Sentence one boasts of his involvement. Sentence two says its implementation is a nightmare. I wrote extensively about this when it was going through the Congressional intestines. I wrote against it, spoke to my useless Senators, and to no avail.

This is merely a gimmick as a hope to save the 2014 elections. Most Americans are just ignorant, that is until it hits them personally. But this delay is just a delay of the inevitable. This plan is a disaster. Then again you voted for it folks!