Friday, August 9, 2013

Another Look at Employment

The above is another look at the employment data. Note that Core employment as a percent of total and as related to Government is increasing. The ratio of Government to Core has dropped from a peak of 48.5%to 45.5%. However the baseline was 41.25%. We still have too many non-productive Government workers and they are supported by far too few Core workers.
The above is April 2005 split of workers which gives the detail. The following is July data.
Now we have also the following which is Core sector details.
Most elements are growing with Mining returning to a strong growth. Durable Manufacturing is increasing whereas Non Durable Manufacturing still declines.

Now we show the Government sector below.
Note that core Government is slowly declining at the State and Local  levels whereas Ed and Health Care is continuing to explode. This is a critical issue. We will NOT be able to support this sector.
The above depicts the rate of change and as noted above we have an unsustainable Health sector.