Thursday, August 1, 2013

More on Amazon Reviews

I spent a few minutes examining the five star reviews of Crawford's book as described by Tech Dirt. Some interesting observations:

1. Of the top 20 reviews only 31% used a Real Name.

2. Of the top 20 only one had a bio of sorts and he was a truck driver.

3. Of the top 20 there were in excess of 2,300 positive votes, often for reviews that just complained about negative reviews.

4. Of the top 20 the average number of prior reviews was 10, excluding one outlier, and 70% had less than 5 reviews and of them no had reviewed a book.

5. Of the top 20 the average positive was 95.9%.

6. Of the top 20 reviews the average time for the review from the date of publishing was 35 days with one review posted 11 days PRIOR to publishing. 45% of the positive top reviews were published on February 11, 2013 by mostly no real names.

7. Of the 20 top reviews the number of prior reviews average 10 and frequently was substantial less. In addition may of the reviews by the reviewers were about electronics and video games.

This is just a summary of the data. 

In contrast to Tech Dirt's praise of the top reviewers, my analysis of the data seems to lead one to believe that there is something quite disturbing about these reviews. Yes those which are negative but equally those which are positive. This book is one of two items I have seen where outside influences prevail. Truth is lost. Perhaps that may reflect directly upon the author and her ideas. I do not know.