Saturday, June 6, 2015

Employment Details May 2015

It is worth an analysis of the employment details. We have been doing this for almost seven years. Let us start with Government and related employment.
The above chart shows Government and Core, namely jobs that really do something and are not tax supported. The ratio of Government to Core exploded to a peak of 48% in 2010 and dropped but is increasing again. The Government related sector still grows.
The above shows core Government and Ed and Health, which we combine. Note core Government is steady but Health is exploding, from 17 M in 05' to over 22M in 15! That is almost a 35% increase.
The above shows the Core sectors and their change. Durable Manufacturing has seen a slight increase. Mining has dropped. Construction is doing well again.
The above compares the percents of total in the two years noted. Ed and Health shows the growth as does professional. Manufacturing is down in all sectors.

 We show the changes below.