Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Glitch

It seems that the term "glitch" has entered the US vocabulary with full force. Years ago we would have called it gross incompetence. The ACA web site had glitches. Frankly it was typical Government incompetence. A surgeon removing the wrong leg is not making a glitch, he should be hanged!

The NYSE collapsing from a glitch is likewise cause for massive rearrangement of management. Maybe it would include the Board as well. You see this is not new. When one fields a new Software release there is always a Plan B, namely if it collapses we just switch back to the previous release. But that seems not to be the case any longer. Microsoft sends out updates that crash computers. God knows what is in our autos. Then there is the EHR stuff mandated by the Government nder the management of a pediatrician! Watch that puppy run wild.

When we did the software for Apollo missions we had a plan B and C and D. I guess I got D. The manual return method, assuming the computers and software dies. It was the sextant. It worked for centuries so stick one on just in case. And then Apollo XIII! Took the guys home after the Plan A thru C got blown up.

But the NYSE, United, the ACA folks never even had a Plan B.