Monday, July 20, 2015

Windows 10?

Are you out of your mind! Next Monday Microsoft releases Windows 10. Now I have Windows 7 and it works just fine. Even have a few XP systems for lab work so who cares since they are not even networked. But, updating to Windows 10 would be akin to inserting hot peppers into my eyes. Total agony.

Would anyone allow Microsoft to change their computer? The chance that all your data, all your software, all your drivers, all your security, all your connectivity, would just vanish! A Microsoft hot line? The IRS is easier to deal with.

So for those folks happily upgrading next Monday, I remind you of Dante and the Inferno and the sign above the door to Hell, "Abandon all hope you who enter!"

That's right, when you all find out that, oops, Microsoft had a few glitches, that Democrat speak for massive screw up, and you are now back to pencil and legal pads, you did it to yourself! Keep the XP machines, Microsoft no longer updates them, that means they are stable.