Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Canadian Wall

One is always amused when reading the Canadian Press view of Americans. The National Post has an article speaking to the desire by some 40% of Americans to build a wall between the US and Canada.

They state:

Failed Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker may feel some vindication in this number: 41 per cent of Americans say that if a wall is built along the Mexican border, one should also be erected on the Canadian one. And yes, the same percentage favors a wall erected along the nation’s southern border. The latest Bloomberg Politics poll that also shows that immigration, a flashpoint in the 2016 presidential campaign thanks in large point to the incendiary rhetoric of Republican front-runner Donald Trump, is an issue that stirs strong emotions among Americans, some of them contradictory.

Now I just returned from a business trip from my New Hampshire home to Laval in Quebec City. The return was via the NH Route 3 "Moose Alley" entry point. Now this is a single lane road in the northern most point in NH and it was empty going north and south. When you approach the border there is a gate on the Canadian side, open, but on the US side there is a multimillion dollar bunker. It is an enormous facility and out came two HS men with weapons. Here we were, two mid 70 year old in a 10 year old Caddy from New Jersey. Clearly a major threat.

We presented our passports. They had my wife remove her sunglasses, show her face in the sun. Then they inspected the underside of the car, all packages in the back seat, the trunk, the contents of our luggage. They asked where we went, why we returned this way, the "moose" dummy, everyone comes down here to see the moose!

Twenty minutes, no other vehicles in sight coming south or going north! I guess they were just bored. I have returned from Russia, Thailand, Bulgaria with less inspection.

Guess they heard I spoke French! Yes, also my wife's family is from Nova Scotia! Yikes.

Then about a mile south of the border is a massive sign just on the edge of the uninhabited forest, "Trump". I guess the moose vote!

Maybe the Canadians should build that border.