Thursday, September 17, 2015

Where is Mussolini When He is Needed?

Getting the trains to run on time into and out of Penn Station, or anywhere in New York these days, needs a strong hand. Amtrak seems never to be on time. When at Penn Station I rarely see a on time departure, it seems 50 minutes is de rigeur.

But now we have power losses in the tunnel almost daily. What are we waiting for? Possible disasters. There is not a single politician addressing the issue. However this is what happens when Government runs something, anything, except Defense it appears.

I feel for the poor folks who try to use Public Transport only to be deceived by those who "provide" the service.

Let us see what Friday delivers. As of now they are still stumbling along. At least NJ Transit posts updates. If one looks at Amtrak; all is well........Pity.

Oh yes, and that low carbon stuff, won't work this way folks!