Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Getting Out of Hand

The Inquirer remarks about the EU now investigating Google about Google Maps. They remark:

Brussels asks Google's mapping rivals whether they feel bullied. EUROPEAN REGULATORS are investigating whether Google has been supplanting native mapping applications and devices with its own Google Maps, thus causing a competition vacuum. A questionnaire obtained by Bloomberg has been sent to rival companies asking for any evidence that the prevalence of Google Maps has damaged sales of rival devices such as TomTom, Garmin and HERE. Officials will also be looking for data on user numbers, preinstallation of mapping apps and the costs faced by cartographers to make mobile-ready versions of their work.

You really can't make this up. This is what happens when people have too much time on their hands. They should be out shearing sheep or something. One wonders how an entity providing a free service that works well can threaten others. Now I use Garmin as a GPS device, refuse to get an android phone and pay Verizon an exorbitant amount. But if one wants to then go use Google and not Garmin. But then why not feel bullied by Verizon, sorry it would be BT, or DT, or whatever other state entity controls the phone systems.

But no, get those nasty Americans, after all they are free! Perhaps not for long, depends on the elections.